STYLE GURU STYLE: Dots And Stripes Forever

Before I started expanding my taste in fashion, I would repeatedly shy away from combining patterns that were not the same. For example, I would think that if I wore one type of print that I could not throw on a different print without it clashing horrifically. Granted, some patterns do not always complement each other favorably, but I have also found that two contrasting designs can be combined to create an outfit that is fashionable with a side of quirkiness and a lot of creative insight.

As I was researching various couture fashion shows, I noticed a particular trend on the Viktor and Rolf 2015 spring couture runway that struck me as being both artistic and fantasy-like. The designer featured two distinct patterns paired together to ultimately result in a piece of eccentric artwork. I was completely inspired to try out this look and reinvent it into an urban-chic style (I am constantly thinking in terms of the city life and what outfits would be the best for adventures downtown). What initially drew my attention to this particular show is how the designers were not afraid to take different patterns to create a unique and wearable look. Rather than choose a simple piece of clothing that complements a single design, the stylists added a level of bold dimension that resulted in a style that calls for more interest and intrigue. There is even a feeling of curiosity as to how the boundaries and trends of the fashion industry constantly are changing and evolving by whimsical imaginations as exhibited by this fashion show.

After scrolling through all the variations of using different designs that successfully draw an outfit together, I could not help but venture into my closet and create an outfit that features prominent opposing patterns. I combined a polka-dot chiffon blouse with a striped mini skirt to continue the trend into an everyday outfit. I also sought inspiration from the delicate transparent trend exhibited at the Christian Dior spring 2015 couture show. Following the sheer material used so frequently on this designer’s runway, I choose a blouse that is slightly see through and added a lace bralette underneath for a whimsical and feminine touch.

To personalize the look further, I added a slim black belt to draw the skirt in at the waist to accentuate my waist and added a clutch that has movement to give an edge to my look. Since I am so fond of accessories, I incorporated a (very practical) watch into my urban style. Even though it may seem like somewhat of a risk pairing different patterns together, remember that it creates a striking outfit with origins from the runway!

Get My Look: 1. Find a patterned blouse. 2. Pair it with a patterned skirt. 3. Add a clutch 4. Decorate with accessories. 5. Dress up the outfit with wedges.