STYLE GURU STYLE: Don't Rain On My Parade

Waking up to the sound of thunderstorms is both relaxing and a bit stressful. It’s stressful because that makes choosing an outfit for the day much more difficult. Regardless, I manage to stay trendy by breaking out the open knit sweaters!

My inspiration for this outfit came from Philip Lim’s 2016 resort wear collection. The collection was made up of various knitted pieces, a majority of which were an open weave style. These knit sweaters varied in length and were styled with hats, shorts and even knee-high boots. Along with the sweater, I took Lim’s advice and kept the outfit summery with some black high-waisted shorts and neutral combat boots. (This is a great excuse to show your fall shoes some love!). Personally, I’m not much of a hat person, so I swapped out this trend for an equally fashionable umbrella and, of course, my leopard print Betsey Johnson bag.

Open knit cardigans and sweaters are perfect for rainy summer days because they keep you nice and dry while not overheating you if it happens to be a bit humid as well. This open knit trend is always my go-to and it can be easily customized for any occasion. Pair it with jeans or leggings and you’ve go yourself a bonfire night outfit or choose a maxi skirt and you now have a trendy look for running errands or just hanging out with friends.

The nice thing about these pieces is that they are classics, so they never go out of style and can make great staples in your wardrobe even as the seasons change. The possibilities are endless!

Get My Look: 1. Open knit sweater. 2. High-waisted shorts. 3. Combat boots. 4. Pattern umbrella. 5. Animal print bag.