STYLE GURU STYLE: Don't Let Mondays Tie You Up

Mondays suck, especially when you’re a college student. But what better way to wash away the Monday blues than with a killer outfit? I know that you’re all thinking how tired you are and how tempting it is to throw on a pair of oversize sweats and a T-shirt. If that’s the case, stop right there, I promise you this will be worth it. The first Monday back to school after a long awaited winter break is always tough, which is why I decided to sport one of my favorite trends. No matter how many months go by, I am still obsessed with anything and everything that is lace up. I can’t get enough of it, it’s just so cute! However, lace up details may remind you of raunchy Halloween costumes or over-the-top lingerie sets. I’ll assure you that this is not the lace up detailing I am referring to.

Lace up details pack a major punch, making its mark on everything from staple T-shirts to pencil skirts and even your favorite blouse. Now that the lace up look is going strong, it has become the perfect for any look and any season. It has a sense of dramatic flair. It can be easily manipulated and tailored to any Fashionista’s signature style, which is why the lace up trend has swiftly became one of the most popular trends.

This trend was born as a ’70s inspired style. Nonetheless, it has developed into a major fashion phenomenon, abandoning its boho roots to adapt to a plethora of looks and styles. The lace up trend began its takeover with sky-high heels, ballet flats, and gladiator sandals, but has since made its way into tops, bodysuits, and dresses, much like the one I have on. I remember being in Forever 21 and seeing this dress, thinking to myself that I needed it then. So naturally, I bought it. I wanted it in every color, but the fashion major in me assured me that would be a buyers’ faux paus, so I got the black one. Typical, right? I knew this dress would immediately become a staple in my closet, however. Its shape is super simple and casual, yet the lace up detail gives it an added flair and edge. I wanted the dress to be the focal point of the look, so I paired it with a simple pair of black opaque tights and my favorite pair of over-the-knee black boots. Since I do go to school in Erie, it can get a bit chilly out, so I threw on a simple white quilted jacket. To accessorize this simple yet stylish look and keep with the edge of the outfit, the fringed crossbody purse completes the look.

So yes, Mondays are awful, but they don’t have to be. Make your Monday better by rocking it out in style. And if you’re lace up obsessed like me, Mondays are the perfect day to sport it.