STYLE GURU STYLE: Dog Days of Summer

STYLE GURU STYLE: Dog Days of Summer

The past few weeks have been a blur of nonstop Olympic Games on the television screen, frizzy hair swept up into high ponies from the humidity in the air and all things patriotic thanks to the dog days of summer.

Right around this time I hear the same thing from everyone around me, “I’m ready for that fall weather,” but for me this is what summertime in Jersey is all about! I’ve promised myself to make the next few weeks leading up to fall semester to be filled with all things that end my day with my toes in the sand and it seems like I’m not the only one thinking that way. Tommy Hilfiger’s resort 2017 collection is screaming all American, youthful and colorful eye-catching prints which inspired the look for my recent tailgate outing.

The ever so popular bandeau is the most adaptable piece of clothing in my wardrobe this summer—I hope others took advantage of it too. Not only is the comfort value there but it looks great with any look you are going for. Whether it’s a concert on the beach, a romantic dinner date or movies with your friends, it will compliment and pull your outfit together at the same time. On top of the bandeau I layered an over-sized patch work tank. Hilfiger’s floral patchwork in his new collection inspired the top choice. Since the top had so much going on, I decided to keep it simple with a denim short so that all of the focus could be elsewhere.

Everyone knows my fixation for shoes and I couldn’t help but pull the style together with a casual pair of cowboy boots, considering I was going tailgating for a country concert. Cowboy boots are great even if you’re not going to a concert, I would dare people who have hesitations about them to give them a try.

This whole look was a representation of summer, fun and taking a walk on the wild side. Being bold and different with your wardrobe choices will only enhance your overall style and fashion choices for the future. Classic is comfortable but daring could really pay off in the end.

Get The Look: 1. Bandeau 2. Patch work tank 3. Cowboy boots