STYLE GURU STYLE: Does This Black Match?

January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

The recent Diesel Black Gold pre-fall show was focused around the color black. Each look represented a closet that every rock ‘n’ roller would dream to have. Studs were basically seen in every look, whether the studs were scattered across the shoulders of a leather jacket or placed strategically all over the jacket. Another detail that scurried its way into each look of the show was leather ankle booties that were either buckled or zippered. Other details that caught my eye were the tailored black pants, sequined black dresses and skirts and the one or two looks that featured printed dresses. In a few of the looks, Diesel Black Gold fits in a navy green puffer jacket with a fur hood. Then there were a few more surprises toward the end of the show. Instead of keeping up with the monochromatic theme in their new looks, a white skirt and light gray sweater is thrown in your face. Accompanying these looks followed a white leather spiked jacket.

I decided to incorporate many details from the Diesel Black Gold pre-fall 2015 show into my look for today. To keep myself warm when running across campus, I have thrown on my green twill parka. Green parkas have been seen on many Fashionistas, so I am in search to find patches and pins to make it my own parka. I don’t want to accidentally get it mixed up with someone else’s jacket!

When I go to class I will most likely take off the parka and underneath I will be wearing my studded Topshop leather jacket. On my jacket, I have pinned an Oasis pin to it. Under my jacket, I am wearing a graphic T-shirt from Zumiez. The graphic T-shirt follows the rocker theme quite nicely. I am also wearing my favorite high-heeled booties to complete my ensemble.

The Diesel Black Gold pre-fall 2015 show inspired me to free my studded leather jacket from the imprisonment of my closet doors.

Get My Look: 1. A green twill parka. 2. A leather jacket. 3. A graphic T-shirt.