STYLE GURU STYLE: Distressed in Denim

STYLE GURU STYLE: Distressed in Denim

Let me start off by saying how much I love denim. Growing up in Texas, denim has always been a major aspect of my fashion style and it’s my go-to for any occasion. If I’m going out with friends, running to class, or hanging out around the city, I’m (more likely than not) strutting in some variation of denim. I’m not kidding—I have more than 10 pairs of jeans (it’s a struggle leaving the house with that many options).

I was inspired by the fall 2016 Brock Collection and their take on ripped boyfriend jeans. The sneakers, paired with a simple white cardigan, created a more fashion forward look for the ensemble. I wanted to switch it up a little bit and make my own interpretation for street-wear, so I switched out the cardigan style with something a little more personal to my taste.

I am a huge fan of a classic blazer and decided to model my slouchy boyfriend fit blazer. I chose to wear a white blazer because it’s clean cut while giving a little bit of edge to the look. I mean, honestly, who’s risky enough to wear a white blazer and not stain it? Fingers crossed it remains unharmed from the dangers of the city (grass stains are the worst to work).

I kept the focus on the blazer by throwing on a plain white cropped t-shirt underneath. It’s always a good choice to pair a white t-shirt with a cute pair of jeans – it’s clean cut and makes a simple look seem more put together than it actually is.

These ripped jeans—no joke—are the comfiest jeans I own. They’re a boyfriend fit, which means they’re a little bit baggier and have more distressing in the seams. I’m a major fan of boyfriend jeans, as these are just one of the three pairs I own. If you don’t have a pair, I highly recommend investing in some for this fall.

I’m on a sneaker craze right now, so of course I had to show off my favorite pair! I wear them with everything – dresses, jeans, rompers, they’re my number one choice for any outfit. I especially love them with my ripped jeans, such as these, because they give a sporty edge to the ensemble. Athleisure is a huge trend this year and I love incorporating it in my look with my Adidas sneakers.

Denim has been, and always will be, a staple piece in any wardrobe. Ripped jeans just scratch the surface of the endless ways to rock your favorite denim.

So, as my final advice for College Fashionista, take some risks—go buy those ripped jeans, run around in that white blazer without fear, splash in some puddles with your newest white sneakers, do everything and anything you want. Fashion is about being fearless and remaining true to who you are in this vast world.

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