When it comes to a fashion house as classic as Christian Dior, it’s difficult to go wrong. Their fall 2015 ready-to-wear show sent down the runway a parade of dark, bold and sensual looks that possessed quite a psychedelic and groovy flare. I was especially fond of this outfit in particular, as I found it be the perfect combination of stylish, artistic and wearable. The black and white color tone was chic and eye-catching, and I couldn’t get enough of the funky boots featured in this collection, especially the thigh high boots. I would literally wear them every day if I could. Long, sleek ponytails on the model polished up the look and, once again, another Dior masterpiece was created.

In true southern California fashion, my take on this look consisted of me replacing the patterned, long sleeve top for a simple crop top. Because let’s face, I live in Los Angeles and if I were to actually wear a long sleeve turtleneck in the heart of summer, I would literally melt. The boots, however, were a definite keeper. A sleek pair of black booties paired with a black skater skirt and white crop top came together to create the perfect West Coast and Parisian style combination. I was especially surprised at how well styling my hair back in a ponytail like how it was done on the runway actually polished up my own look as well. It seemed to make the outfit a bit more sophisticated and bring the look together as a whole. Remember what I said earlier about how it’s hard to go wrong with Dior? Well, there you go.

Get My Look: 1. White crop top. 2. Black skater skirt. 3 Black ankle boots.