Since it’s summertime I though it would befitting of the season to watch the Dior Cruise fashion show, this is generally a line that is tailored for high fashion action wear. The Dior Cruise line is a mixture of patterns mixed with patterns or simple ensembles that have rich texture. For my recreation of this show I chose the more simple ensemble with texture: white on white.

Anytime I get a good tan white is my color. I’m sure that goes for anyone though. I chose a simple mid-rise white pant, which I decided to finally not wear ripped jeans as they are apparently not acceptable work wear. Always keep in mind, when shopping, how something will translate into your everyday life. It’s not always worth spending a lot of money on something you can only wear outside of work and during leisure time. These pants, however, are perfect for my little get away right before school starts back up. They will also be fine in many other instances too, just by not having rips, funny how that works.

To go with my simple mid-rise jeans, I chose a textured top to mirror Dior’s collection. This white knit crop was so cute and I found it traveling in a small boutique in Turkey. For accessories, I chose my “name” necklace as I think these are so cute, plus they seem to be coming back in style. I got mine made in gold since that’s what most of my jewelry is. For my purse I pulled out my white Louis Vuitton tote. I haven’t found a time that this bag isn’t useful due to its size and overall appearance. Lastly for makeup I chose a tinted moisturizer, which is great, especially since I’ve been in the sun. I love a big wing on my eye and some brown color on my lips.

Get My Look: 1. Mid-rise jeans. 2. Knitted top. 3. A tote. 4. Brown lip color.