Rachel Zoe has always been one of my biggest role models in fashion, which is pretty typical for Fashionistas across the board. This is for a reason though, Zoe just knows how to make flowy and simple silhouettes look extremely chic. Her lines always have a consistent feel to them. They are always modern and clean looks with a bohemian undertone, which is why I could talk about her for days. She relies on the colors to set the tone for her lines, and while her spring line took on some darker hues, I went for a more tropical vibe in my own outfit.

From the maxi dresses to the shorter and shapeless styles in her spring 2016 line, my ideal vacation wardrobe in the heat of Florida is pulled straight from this line. Inspired by the line and in hopes of making the humidity of a Destin afternoon bearable, I went with a dress that embodied my personal love for bold colors and prints and mixed it with a Zoe-esque shape. I love how lightweight and easy to wear it is. I paired it with simple white sandals and took the opportunity to spruce up my look by adding a bright lip. I kept my makeup minimal so that I wouldn’t sweat it all off, and opted for a pinky color that complimented the dress well. As Zoe would say, I was looking for a look that was “so Maj.”

Get My Look: 1. Free People dress. 2. Sandals. 3. A bold lip. 4. Sunnies.