STYLE GURU STYLE: Depth, Texture and Color

February 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Porsche Designs’ recent runway show was a looker. The texture gave the monochromatic looks depth, making it seem like there’s no other way to wear them. I used to think that there was no particular rule to wearing monochromatic clothing, but after the Porsche Design show, I feel that shine is the way to tackle it. One simple look in the show was elevated to gold by the shine in the pants and leather coat against the wooly texture of the sweater. The balance of the materials gives the combinations substance. The monochromatic color scheme is the source of cohesiveness, but the textures and the way the pieces catch the light are what complete the looks.

In my own look, I wanted to play with this idea of showing off shine as texture. I chose black pants with a brown leather coat that covers my yellow sweatshirt. The smoothness of the leather brings light to my look, and the muddled blunt texture of my sweatshirt offsets this, while its bright yellow color catches the eye. It is this tension between fabrics that gives interest to this look, rather than the color. It could have worked with any color shirt; however, I couldn’t resist the playfulness of the bright yellow.

The Porsche Design show inspired me to add textures that played with light in my look. I sought clothing that wrapped me in shine. The wrinkles and creases of the coat and pants create mountains and valleys of light, giving the pieces depth.

Get My Look: 1. Black drapey pants.  2. A large leather coat.  3. A light colored sweatshirt.