STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim on Denim

Hi Fashionistas/os! Denim is such a classic piece in any wardrobe, and can totally transform the look depending on the style of the denim or the wash.

I am loving the J.Crew spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. The denim look is what really stood out to me, however; I always love to see pieces with beautiful embellishments mixed in. Denim is such a classic, timely piece so I loved to see the different approaches that were taken on this denim. Denim is the perfect piece to break up an outfit and instantly makes the outfit more interesting. The denim pieces in this collection stand out to me because of the different washes and fit. From oversized to fitted, the denim is the key stand out piece for me.

I was inspired by this collection to find the perfect denim jacket for me. I love this jacket because it does not swallow me up, like almost every other denim jacket I have tried. The fitted knit sleeves and hood add the perfect balance to the jacket and break it up a bit. This jacket is also a bit distressed which I love. I paired my jacket with a black tank top and white linen embellished shorts. The white linen screams summer. The gold embellishments of the shorts were also inspired by the collection. This look is perfect for summer and can easily be transformed to a night out look by swapping out sandals for fun wedges.

Get My Look: 1. Any denim jacket. 2. White linen shorts. 3. Sandals.