STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim on Denim

Denim is one of the materials that will always be fashionable no matter what since there are so many options, anyone can wear it. It ranges from jeans, to shorts, to jackets; denim is a versatile material that has been around in the United States since the 18th century when Levi Strauss imported it to California from France. It does not come as a surprise that denim makes an appearance in fashion shows around the world every year, but this year House of Holland’s resort 2016 collection featured denim on denim, a trend that can be quite hard to pull off if it is not done properly.

I am personally a huge fan of denim; I have all kinds of jeans, shorts, jackets, dresses and even shirts made of the material. It is incredibly comfortable and goes well with almost anything you’d like to pair it up with. Since I have so many denim pieces, I have recently started putting them together. At first, I thought I’d end up looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards (which, let’s face it, was not their best look). However, if you pay close attention to the items you have, you’ll find a way to combine them without it being too much denim. I personally prefer to combine different shades of denim so that it doesn’t just end up looking like an extension of my outfit, which is why I went for a lighter shade in the shirt. Additionally, I like to add accessories that are eye-catching so that not all of the attention is directed simply towards the denim garments.

My outfit has a different take on the denim on denim trend. The pieces from House of Holland’s resort 2016 collection have the same shade of denim while I paired up a lighter shade on the shirt with a darker denim tone on the shorts. I also wore the button-up shirt open, added a patterned scarf to make the outfit stand out and wore slip-on shoes for a more casual, comfortable look.

Get My Look: 1. Denim button-up shirt. 2. Polka-dot scarf. 3. Slip-ons.