Staying true to the tomboy I used to be, I will almost always pick jeans over a dress any day. The only exception being whenever a dress code is required. Other than that, jeans are my go-to staple piece. Normally, they are the trickiest item of clothing to find that actually fit you right. Depending on the store or the material of the jeans, my sizes always change. But when you find that perfect pair that fits you just right, it’s like finding your soulmate. My go-to store for jeans is always changing. Currently, I love Zara’s denim collection and how affordable it is.

Some advice for finding the right jeans? Try on different sizes and fits. I know it sounds exhausting, but you can never truly relay on only one size to be the size for you, for every different piece of clothing. And don’t be intimidated to go up a size or two or even down. Size doesn’t matter, what matters is feeling comfortable in what you wear. The more comfortable you are the more confident you’ll be.

Normally, I pair jeans with pretty much anything in my closet. For this article, I wanted to do more with denim as I love it so much, so I paired my favorite pair of jeans with a denim jacket. Jackets like these don’t have to be crazy expensive. Pay a visit to your favorite, local thrift store, and you’ll definitely find a plain oversize jean jacket. From there you can do whatever you want with it. Distress it or embroider it. Maybe even paint a fun design on the back. Now you would have an affordable jacket that’s uniquely your own. I wanted to keep my outfit simple, so I wore a white silk top and a black lace bralette for the contrast. Lastly, I finished the look with my black boots and sunglasses.