We can all think back to a time in our lives where we can remember our moms putting us in a pair of nice denim overalls. Maybe just for play or for a horrendous all denim family portrait. No matter if you look back on it fondly or just in terror, we can all agree that denim has made its come back. Whether you’re a jean jacket fan or a rocker in your cut-off jean vest, denim is forever.

Recently, there has been a rise in one-piece wearers; rompers, playsuits and overalls have been a must for Fashionistas everywhere during these spring and summer months. I recently took an interest in what are referred to as “dungarees” in the UK or overalls here in the states, when my fashion and style icon Lou Teasdale started rocking them when on tour with One Direction. For me, she made the outdated, once childish clothing item become cute and playful again. She rocked a pair of black dungarees from ASOS with platform black boats and a white tank top, which may now be one of my own signature looks.

Drawing inspiration from beauty guru Lou Teasdale and the spring 2014 rag & bone ready-to-wear collection, I put this little ensemble together. For me, as I have mentioned many times before, plaid is a must for everything, so with my black Dungarees I paired them with a green and blue plaid shirt that I tied around my waist. Underneath my one-piece, I went simple with a plain burgundy tank top I found for a few dollars at Old Navy. To top off my outfit, I added a black boater hat to add just a little ’80s vibe.

Get My Look: 1. Black overalls. 2. Fitted tank top. 3. Boater hat.