STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim Doesn't Die

My idea of a fantastic summer look requires a few key essentials: a light, airy piece of clothing, comfy shoes made for walking and an accessory to pull the look together.

I really enjoyed Simon Miller’s spring 2017 menswear collection and decided to take inspiration from it. That’s right, menswear. This collection really embraced a more “grounded” look and is the kind of street-style fashion that this generation really leans toward.

To achieve the same kind of feel Simon Miller was going for, I stuck with a more neutral outfit. Something that would draw attention based on its pleasing aesthetics rather than its vibrant colors. Another key part to this look is denim. In this collection, Simon Miller tried to stray away from the idea of being a “denim brand,” but still subtly incorporated it into the collection. I wanted to give my look a classic Simon Miller feel, and the best way to do that is with some denim!

I started with a Zara neutral-colored tunic, and brought the menswear sense to the outfit by throwing on a pair of Original adidas Superstars. To really pull the outfit together in a subtle way, I finished off with a pair of denim shorts a little bit shorter than the tunic itself. I wanted to add a more beachy, outdoorsy vibe, so I topped (literally) the whole look off with a plain sunhat. A nice pair of sunglasses never hurts either.

Once I completed the look, I was overjoyed with the fact I was successful in transforming a menswear look to a chic, stylish and summery women’s look that can be worn anywhere from the beach to a casual lunch.

Get My Look: 1. Lightly colored tunic. 2. A pair of sneakers. 3. Any denim shorts. 4. A simple hat.