You can never go wrong with rocking a classic piece. These garments, such as a chic, little black dress or a crisp, white button-down shirt, are given this coveted title for a reason. Chances are they will always remain in style and are ultimately pieces that should hold a home in everybody’s wardrobe.

Now, denim is another obvious classic: whether it be denim jeans, skirts or jackets, this is another look that has a long, thriving history and an equally promising future. It is no surprise that the current ’70s revival that runways and retail stores alike have taken a liking to has also brought about quite the denim craze. Looks like Britney and Justin were doing some serious foreshadowing at the 2001 VMA’s because all-denim outfits are back, better than ever and a trend that has been massively embraced this season. I personally couldn’t be any more excited for the revival of the denim days. Chloé’s spring 2015 show exhibited this comeback fabulously, with a number of gorgeous ’70s-inspired, full-denim outfits parading down the runway. I found myself absolutely in love with this outfit in particular: the lace-up gladiator sandals (another booming trend of the season) and the denim shirt dress paired together fabulously, creating the perfect mix of bohemian and ’70s style.

Since I am a massive enthusiast of both of these trends, inspiration came quick to take on this outfit for myself. For my version, I tucked a breezy True Religion denim button-down shirt into a denim button-front skirt and slipped on a pair of boho-luxe, lace-up block heels. A cream colored handbag paired effortlessly with the denim, and a sleek pair of sunglasses served as a chic finishing touch. I definitely had to rock a button-front skirt rather than a shirt dress, as these skirts are another wildly popular piece that I’m elated have made a comeback from decades past. The final result is a casual yet stylish take on one of the hottest looks of the season. And with denim being the timeless classic that it is, you can bet that this trend will be sticking around for a while.

Get My Look: 1. Denim button-front skirt. 2. Lace-up heels. 3. Denim button-down shirt.