STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim Daydreams

STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim Daydreams

The spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection by Adam Selman featured a variety of unique looks. There were many all-white looks, shocking red pieces and denim. Adam Selman actually had six different denim looks all varying in the use and style of denim. Even though all of these denim looks were different he consistently mixed all of his denim pieces with floral crochet-like details. Creating a denim theme with floral accents.

I took some inspiration from Adam Selman and decided to create a denim and floral look of my own. It seems that denim has certainly been a big trend of summer 2016, so I just recently bought a jean skirt to fulfill my own denim dreams. The skirt ended up being perfect for my Adam Selman inspired outfit. Just a simple jean skirt with buttons up the front. Although none of the skirts Selman featured had buttons running down the middle like mine did, a lot of his jackets and tops featured big metallic buttons. While it is not exactly like the denim featured in Selman’s collection, it is certainly a more everyday version of his jean skirts and pants.

For the top I wore a white blouse with floral crocheted details all over the front. It’s simple yet the crocheted flowers add a little extra flair to the look. They also reminded me a lot of Selman’s floral crochet details that were in many of his looks. The flowers in my look were brightly colored and stood out just like Selman’s.

This simple look proves that even the most outrageous high fashion looks can be easily translated into everyday style. So the next time you pair your denim and floral together, think about how this look can go from runway to real life in no time.

Get My Look: 1. Blouse. 2. Skirt. 3. Sandals.