Once again, it’s the start to a new semester (all too soon, I might add). However, that means it’s the perfect time to introduce new clothing items into my wardrobe, and the perfect place to put them on display. When looking for inspiration on what to wear this first week back, and needing something that I could wear with the bitter temperatures we’re forced to walk around in, I happened to stumble upon the TSE pre-fall 2015 collection. Now, I’m not completely sure, but I think TSE’s Tina Lutz and I may or may not be soul sisters. When reading the review, the part that drew me in was, “Lutz is a self-proclaimed denim lover,” because I too am a self-proclaimed denim lover. To further the connection Lutz and I seem to have, I read that besides drawing inspiration from her love for denim, she was also inspired by a few artworks. These artworks included shades of indigo and “pops of camel.” I immediately knew how I was going to echo Tina Lutz’s line.

Despite the borderline-arctic temperatures that Pittsburgh has been experiencing this past week, which I continue to believe is some kind of cruel joke even though I’ve lived here my whole life, this outfit was too good to put away for a slightly warmer day. Maybe I’m used to the temperatures being a native, maybe I’m just super dedicated to fashion—I’ll let you decide. Either way, I wore this outfit, and only regretted it for a few seconds of the day. I recently got an amazing cashmere sweater (named as one of Tina’s staples in most of her lines) in camel! I’ve been loving this color for fall and winter, as it’s a pop of color while still being subtle—exactly what I like. I paired this with an indigo-washed shirtdress and tights along with thigh-high socks to attempt to keep a little warm. I finished the look off with feminine-looking hiker style boots, which I think gave the outfit a nice casual look. A perfect look for class, if I may say so myself.

Though I took much inspiration from TSE’s runway looks, this outfit is still exactly my style. I love finding runway looks or ideas from “Who What Wear” (my personal fashion bible) that I can incorporate into my everyday style without adopting an entirely new wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A cashmere sweater. 2. A denim shirtdress. 3. Feminine hiker boots.