STYLE GURU STYLE: Deciphering Business Casual

September 6th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Deciphering Business Casual

You did it—you nailed your interview. Congratulations! We knew you had it in you! The internship coordinators loved you and decided to make you a part of the team. It is the first Friday of your internship so you wake up early and your makeup is utter perfection. Your hair is in effortless waves that would put the ocean to shame. Now you’re standing in front of your closet, but you’re completely lost. Your internship coordinator explained that Fridays are business casual, but what in the world does “business casual” even mean?

Business casual is one of those looks that can mean almost anything. Should you go for denim? Is denim even allowed in the workplace? Should you just go for a dress? Is that too dressy? I’ve got to admit that I’m guilty of thinking all of these things, but I think I’ve finally deciphered the code.

For an interest meeting for one of the many organizations I’m involved in, we were told to wear a business casual ensemble. After shuffling through several blazers, slacks and heels, I decided on an outfit that was appropriate for the event, while still showcasing my inner Fashionista. My floral top was a perfect fit in showcasing my fun girly style. Because the event was later at night, we had a break from the excruciatingly warm weather we’ve been experiencing here in Richmond. For that reason, I decided on a pair of black pants that wouldn’t overpower the top. The zippered pockets in the front gives the pants an edgier feel, ensuring that I’m not overdoing it with my overall girly persona. For a pop of color, I opted for a hot pink cross-body purse from Juicy Couture. To top it all off, the ankle strap heels I paired the look with allowed me to pull together the business casual, yet very feminine look.

How To: If you’re a Fashionista that loves mostly pinks and florals, like myself, play with that. It can be difficult at times to convey these looks without coming off too sweet. If opting for a girly top, pair it with an edgier bottom and feminine accessories. The bottoms will break up some of that sugary-sweet style, all while still conveying that feminine style of yours.