STYLE GURU STYLE: Darling Denim Dress

It is finally my favorite season: summer! I love wearing shorts and sundresses. Not having to wear layers of clothing is another reason why summer is my favorite.

My outfit is inspired by the SJYP Seoul fall 2016 collection. Its main theme is denim. I love how they incorporate denim with other pieces of clothing so every look is similar yet different. I also love that this collection has a touch of summer colors like pink and yellow. In my opinion, this collection is perfect for summer. I have always thought of Seoul as one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. If I had a chance, I would absolutely go there someday. Most of my favorite Fashionistas/os are from Seoul, South Korea and I follow a lot of them on Instagram. This collection really proves to me that Seoul fashion definitely needs more recognition.

Since this collection focuses on denim, I decided to wear a denim dress that I got from Forever 21. I love that this dress is very soft, which is so surprising to me because denim can be really stiff. When I think of summer I think of the sun, so I chose a yellow mock neck crop top to wear under the dress. I wanted to add a few cute little details and I think my pineapple headband, Pop-Tarts necklace and yellow smiley face watch really complete the outfit. Lastly, for shoes, I wore a pair of plain white sneakers. The best part about this outfit is that it is not only cute, but it’s also comfortable.

Get My Look: 1.Denim dress 2.Yellow mock neck crop top  3.White sneakers