STYLE GURU STYLE: Dark Shades And Sequins

Summer break has officially begun and there is nothing better than having the time to be glamorous. Instead of worrying about school it’s nice to take the extra hour (or two) to focus on things that matter to a Fashionista like me. Suddenly getting the details on an outfit right and lining the perfect pout seem very important when going on a summer date. I wanted to recreate a look inspired by the Givenchy spring/summer 2016 couture collection. I specifically fell in love with one of the dresses in the collection because of the sequins and dark shades. I was really inspired by Givenchy’s collection to wear a black dress full of sequins in the summertime. To me, wearing black shouldn’t be limited to certain seasons.

After viewing the runway trend I immediately remembered about a similar dress that I’ve been having for months in my closet. My silk dress is vintage and handmade in India. I had purchased it at a flea market after falling in love with the delicate pattern in the sequins and the keyhole in the back. I do love how my dress is different in structure than the Givenchy dress. It’s knee-length instead of floor-length, but it makes it easy to move. Also, the fact that it’s made from silk is a huge bonus because it makes it very breathable in the warm weather.

On the runway, the model is not seen with any accessories. I personally decided to add on accessories to my look. I kept them minimal since the dress already grabbed a lot of attention on it’s own. I wanted my accessories to be both useful and chic. I wore a gold toned Michael Kors watch and threw on some Ray-Ban sunglasses to combat the sun rays. As a confidence booster, I wore a true brown matte lipstick from Lime Crime. I guess I can be a tad “extra” when styling outfits, but hey…there is nothing wrong in looking too glamorous. Not even for a frozen yogurt date.

Get My Look: 1. Black sequined dress. 2. Dark lipstick. 3. Gold-toned watch.