I have been wearing florals for as long as I can remember. I have baby pictures of me in floral prints, as well as many yearbook pictures throughout the years. It is safe to say that I am definitely a flower child. You can guess my excitement when I saw that not only were floral prints still in style, but they were coming back in darker forms! I love wearing dark colors while still appearing feminine and girly. Simone Rocha’s fall 2015 runway show deputed the girly aspect of wearing flowers on your clothes and the color black at the same time without clashing.

I traveled to New York City this weekend and thought to myself, “What better place to showcase my runway look than the streets of New York?” I dressed in a black dress with deep pink flowers patterned throughout the whole dress. I loved thinking I had on a little black dress with some pops of the rose pink flowers representing my girly style. In order to keep my outfit with darker tones, I opted for a solid black hat to add a touch of elegance while walking through the city. Although runway looks may be seen as extremely bold and unwearable, you can transform any trend right off the runway with your own style.

I chose to stick with neutral taupe booties to still consider this a summer look. I love the contrast between my dark dress and hat with a light ankle bootie. By wearing this tone on my shoes, I felt a more summery vibe and added some coolness to my feminine outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Bodycon floral dress.  2. ’70s-inspired jumper. 3. Dress shorts.