STYLE GURU STYLE: Damn, That Denim Jacket!

The freshmen are invading campus, the bookstore is selling out of overpriced textbooks and my stress levels are increasing, which can only mean that it must be time for a new school year. Time for a new workload, a new set of trends and a new post from yours truly. Unfortunately, this is my last article for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru (at least for now). The journey has been incredible and there is nothing I love more than sharing my newfound knowledge of fashion with my friends, family and even those faithful strangers who have kept up with all of my posts. You have witnessed my introduction to the fashion world, my attempts at catching Fashionistas/os on campuses, my trip to New York and my ever-evolving sense of style. Now, I will leave you with one classic outfit that will take you from summer and bring you effortlessly into fall with the inspiration from the spring/summer 2016 menswear collection of Saint Laurent.

This California-inspired collection played on the trendy, casual and progressive fashion scene found within the state. Male models walked the runway in black jeans and white sneakers. Throughout the show, they also walked in black leather jackets, colorful bomber jackets, fitted blazers and denim vests. I combined the looks of a black jacket and a denim vest into a single denim jacket with black sleeves. It is cool and casual but the denim adds an edge that nods to the laid-back but chic fashion found in California. I continued the trend of wearing black in summer with my black jeans and black T-shirt. Lastly, white sneakers were worn to reflect the trend of men wearing casual white shoes in this Saint Laurent collection.

As this internship ends, I will leave you all with one piece of advice: fashionable, expensive clothes are great, but confidence is forever. Wear whatever you want but never forget about your demeanor. Show how confident you are with your posture, your walk and your whole being. In the end, that is really all that anyone remembers.

Get My Look: 1. Denim jacket. 2. Black jeans. 3. White sneakers.