STYLE GURU STYLE: Daisy Me Rollin’

The spring 2015 couture collection by Alexis Mabille blew me away. The collection was inspired by poetry by French writer Albert Samain that imagined flowers with a soul. Alexis Mabille took this idea to create a collection where the female and floral forms intertwined into one. The designs elegantly transition between edgy leather ensembles to the most fragile and soft pieces of the runway. There is a fun tone to the looks that playfully switch from subtle neutral colors to bright bubblegum pinks to monochromatic black. It was exciting to transfer a look from this collection into a street wear ensemble!

To emulate Alexis Mabille’s collection, I kept the pieces bright and floral while also incorporating elements of my own style. I wore a bright pink halter top tucked into a black and pink floral circle skirt. Personally, I always lean toward a high neckline, so the halter top is one of my favorite styles to wear. The high-waisted skirt is fun and flirty with a row of black buttons going down the front. For accessories, I chose a black leather bracelet with studs as an edgy homage to the leather pieces of the collection and a gold bow midi ring. I kept the accessories minimal, so as to accentuate the bright and colorful florals of the outfit. I wore a pair of brown and beige wedges to complete the look. A pair of neutral-colored wedges are always a great choice because the heels makes you taller, while the color makes your legs look sky-high.

I loved this spring 2015 show for its colorful and unapologetically floral sense of style. It inspired me to incorporate a bright pink twist into my look, which isn’t often my first instinct. This look was fun and easy—I’m definitely trying it again!

Get My Look: 1. A bright halter top. 2. An edgy, leather bracelet. 3. The perfect pair of neutral wedge sandals.