STYLE GURU STYLE: Dabbling in Menswear

My personal style has always been extremely girly, but recently I have become extremely interested in the latest menswear trends for spring 2017. Designers such as Wales Bonner and E. Tautz have been showing loose blazers and tailored shorts a lot in their new collections, so I figured I’d give the look a girly twist. With items already in my closet, I converted my usual girly style into a menswear dream.

To make this trend my own I started with my favorite pair of tailored shorts and paired them with a loose lace crop top. The delicate lace paired with the harsh stripes gave the look a mixed-gender feel. To showcase the menswear aspect of my look, I added a large navy blazer with slits on the sides. This jacket is functional for a chilly Boston day while also having a stylish look to it. To add more a feminine side I also added a large necklace on top of the lace crop top. The navy stones also tied in the navy in the blazer and shorts. To complete the look I added my favorite Michael Kors espadrilles, which I wear with almost anything these days.

By adding your own personal twist, anyone can pull off menswear. My top priority when choosing an outfit is whether or not it matches my personal style. Staying true to what you love to wear is important and you can easily follow current trends while still maintaining your own brand.

Get My Look: 1. Espadrilles. 2. Loose blazer. 3. Lace top.