STYLE GURU STYLE: Cutout Couture

As I roamed the streets of London last week, I found fashion inspiration at every turn. Designer names were splashed on boutique after boutique and the street style was unlike anything I’d ever seen. As I reveled in the glory of touching the beautiful fabrics and adoring the amazing spring collections of clothes I would never be able to afford, I found love in Christian Dior’s spring couture collection. The collection gives off an eclectic, retro feel that is truly breathtaking. I personally fell for the intricate, floral embroidery. Florals are always a great choice during the summer season, but the floral cutouts Dior used really bring floral to the next level. Incorporating couture fashion lines into street wear can often be a difficult task, but the dainty, lady-like features of Christian Dior’s collection make the transition seamless.

The moment I saw this white, floral, cutout skirt at Urban Outfitters, my mind immediately flashed to this collection. This skirt has become one of my summer staples because it is so versatile. It adds flowery flare to any outfit and can very easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For instance, I can pair it with wedges and a nice blouse for events that are more business casual or Converse and my trusty leather jacket to create a feminine, grunge feel. I also love pairing the skirt with chunky accessories and statement pieces when I’m feeling bold. Lastly, it looks fantastic with a plain, white crop top for a clean, classic look. The all-white look is refreshing and bold in a subtle way.

Get My Look: 1. A white, floral, cutout skirt. 2. Any leather jacket. 3. Black Converse.