STYLE GURU STYLE: Cute and Comfy

Well, Midwest Fashionistas, the cold weather is upon us. This means wind gusts are strong enough to blow us over and temperatures are so cold that even with two pairs of knit socks on our poor little feet still don’t have a fighting chance. The fall-to-winter season is meant for hot chocolate, oversized scarfs and snuggles—and, of course, the unavoidable head cold. As a Fashionista this is our worst nightmare because we want to look fashionable and put together, but deep down we just want to wear our pajamas all day. We always want to be looking fabulous, but when you are not feeling well, it is okay to wear something cute and comfortable.

It has been said that when you look good, you feel good. When you’re sick you can still look cute while feeling comfortable with minimum effort. This past week I have been battling a cold and this is the type of outfit I have been wearing.

For this look it’s all about comfort. Wear your favorite pair of black leggings because they are so much more comfortable than jeans. For the top, keep it loose and flowy. Also, keep it a neutral color so you can easily add layers. I personally like to be wrapped up when I am not feeling well and this oversized cardigan does the trick. This earthy-brown color is very in this season and pairs well with the dark brown riding boots.

For your jewelry and makeup, keep it simple and minimal. Wear your favorite bracelet your best friend gave you or a simple necklace that you found at a flea market. Also, embrace your natural hair, and if it is too wild or you don’t feel like washing it, throw it up in a cute ponytail for the day.

Unfortunately around this time of year, many of us have those days where we just don’t feel well. However, we can still look fashionable while being comfortable. Simplicity is better when you are sick, but by throwing in a few seasonal colors and silhouettes into your wardrobe, you will still look fabulous.