STYLE GURU STYLE: Cute and Comfy

STYLE GURU STYLE: Cute and Comfy

Hello everyone! Since it’s getting colder outside it’s time to bring those sweaters out. With this outfit, I am showing you guys a very simple and comfortable outfit that can be worn for multiple occasions.

First, we will start with the shoes. I have on a pair of black booties that are from Shoe Dept. I love how comfortable these shoes are even though they have a block heel. They are very simple shoes and can be worn for a casual or dressy outfit.

Every girl needs a pair of black pants. They can be worn with anything imaginable. The pants that I am wearing are from Nine West. I like the fact that the pants are high-waisted and they fit my body perfectly. You do not have to worry about them falling off or finding a belt to go with the outfit.

I paired a cropped sweater from PacSun with the black pants. The one thing I love about this sweater is how comfortable and lightweight it feels. When wearing the sweater, it feels more like a T-shirt. It’s very lightweight so you could wear it even when it’s not that cold outside.

I topped this look off with a hat from PacSun. For me this adds a little something extra to the outfit since I’m wearing very little jewelry.

The versatility of this outfit is amazing. You could wear this outfit to class or you could wear it on a girls’ night out. No matter where this outfit is worn, it will make a statement.