It’s a sad, sad day when you find a hole, rip or snag in your favorite shirt or pair of pants. Immediate logic says that it’s time to throw away your now-tattered clothing. However, all hope is not lost because the fashion world says otherwise. Ripped, distressed clothing has been a hot, rising trend as of late. I was truly inspired by Barbara i Gongini’s fall 2015 collection, which had a very relaxed and worn feel with an emphasis on slashed-up pieces.

On top, I wore a comfy, knit sweater with several cutouts on the sleeves. I chose a blush colored sweater to brighten up the look and to add some femininity. For bottoms, I slipped into some black jeggings which I DIY’d to have slashes on the knee, much like in Barbara i Gongini’s fall 2015 collection. Gongini also had a strong focus on streamlined ankle boots, so I wore a sleek pair of black Chelsea boots.

Barbara i Gongini’s fall 2015 line truly influenced me to embrace relaxed and worn looks. It’s an oddly satisfying feeling to rip your own clothing in the name of DIY fashion, so don’t ever feel discouraged by the thought of paying for a shirt with holes in it or a ripped pair of pants. This is a great opportunity to grab ahold of your inner creativity and create your own unique, distressed look!

Get My Look: 1. A distressed sweater. 2. A sleek pair of ankle boots. 3. A pair of black pants or leggings that are ripped at the knees.