STYLE GURU STYLE: Culottes and Crop Tops and Coats, Oh My!

Blasts from the past are great, but they’re even better when reinvented and mixed with modern trends. Alice + Olivia’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection features a renovation of the beloved wide leg pant of the 1990s and early 2000s. In addition to introducing a modern twist on these pants, the pants also make a bold impact on this collection as they feature flirty patterns and pops of vibrant colors perfect for the warmer weather. Despite the fun pops of color that this collection teases its audience with, there is an overwhelming presence of neutral colors. These hues include an airy white appropriate for the rising temperature. Incorporating the androgynous trend that is also on the rise, this collection often pairs these pants with a dramatically printed blazer or lightweight jacket. If you are feeling a bit tropical, Alice + Olivia has some vividly striped pants to offer. If you are feeling more bohemian, look no further than this collection’s twisting and turning floral dress.

All this talk about pattern is making you dizzy, right? Since I have always been an advocate for simplicity in my style, I created a more versatile and classic spin on these trends. Patterns are great, but sometimes too much of it can prevent one from wearing a piece multiple times without getting bored. In order to combat this issue while staying on trend, I exchanged the patterned pants for solid black culottes. Culottes are a new favorite of mine because they are cropped for the summer and they pair seamlessly with your favorite crop top and pair of sandals. My look also features a solid black crop top. Since both of these pieces can we re-worn numerous ways, they are the perfect way to stay on top of this trend in a more consistent and classy way. It is no secret that black is my go to color, so sticking with the neutral colors that this collection emphasizes was not a problem!

To distinguish my outfit from others, this collection further inspired me to add a duster light enough for the heat. In addition to black clothing, my wardrobe heavily consists of these versatile coats. With this collection in mind, I paired my culottes and crop top with a solid white duster. This block of color is perfect for those who favor solids, like me, over the dramatic patterns that this collection and the runway has to offer.

Since I tend to promote simplicity, my style has always consisted of minimal accessories. The choker, another trend of the 1990s and early 2000s however, has been a recent obsession of mine. A few looks in this collection feature rope chokers with elongated tassels attached to them. Since this is a more appropriate look for the runway, I simplified this concept by adding a simple metal choker. The incorporation of the choker and Ray-Ban sunglasses gives this sophisticated and sleek look an edgier twist.

Get my look: 1. Black culottes. 2. White coat. 3. Black crop top. 4. Wire tattoo choker.       5. Platform sandals.