STYLE GURU STYLE: Cuffing Season

February 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Cuffing Season

It’s my favorite time of the year, cuffing season! No, not the one where everyone scrambles to find a boy or girl to cuddle with during the cold nights of winter, but the perfect time to personalize and decorate the cuffs of your clothing.

Everyone loves a nice fitting, simple pair of blue jeans, but sometimes those simple jeans can get a little boring. Like many of the clothes I purchase, after I buy them I like to put my own twist and add little bits of my personality onto them. Like most of the simple DIYs I do, I found this one on Pinterest, of course. Not only is this DIY super easy, inexpensive, and fast, but it gives you that extra ‘oomph’ that you might need for a simple outfit that you wear to your early classes.

All you need for this DIY, is a hot glue gun and any kind of embellishments you want to put on your cuffs. I decided to use pearls. Start by trying on your jeans and rolling up your jeans to your desired length. Some want the more capri style, but I opted for the more subtle cuff look. Lastly, just place your embellishments on your cuffs the way that you think they look best. Remember, you literally can not mess this DIY up, so just go for it. After you’ve gotten the embellishments in the place that you want them, don’t forget to try them on to make sure that they look as cute on you, as they do off. Voila! You’ve got your own pair of jeans that would have cost up to $300 at a high-end store.

The great thing about this DIY is that you can decorate not only the cuffs of your pants and shirts, but also your collars and even pockets of your pants. The list is almost endless!