April 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Have you ever been to Kansas in the spring season? One day its 85 degrees, sunny and summer-like weather and the next it’s 65 with a low windchill. Inspired by the one and only Alexander McQueen, my outfit pristinely conveys that mix of weather with a sweater and Birkenstocks. But, it’s one of my favorite times of the year because I get to mix and match seasonal clothing. The white knit sweater keeps me warm from the chilly winds but fulfills the spring breeze I need. 

I wore this cute casual wear to school—perfect to run errands in and is comfortable to do homework and sit in class in. The Burberry messenger bag, although it doesn’t match the black and gold accessories, does add a touch of its own. It’s a perfect substitute for my backpack and a much more fashionable option! Laced spring shoes are in as well! My cream lace Birkenstocks are some of my favorite to wear but lace TOMS are a good alternative also.

A lot of people might see the hijab as a form of oppression or a hassle to wear every day. But for me, the headscarf is just another fashion statement I get to experiment with. The rose petal pink adds a pop of color to the denim and white color scheme but the white polka-dots intertwine it all. Accessories are just as important and my black and gold set is one of my favorites to wear! It matches everything and goes really well together. For me, a bracelet, watch and ring is a must every day. And I definitely recommend it because it takes a casual outfit to a classy outfit real quick. Stay inspired by the Vogue runway, Fashionistas!

Get My Look: 1. A knit Sweater. 2. A Messenger Bag. 3. Birkenstocks