STYLE GURU STYLE: Cross Over to the Trendy Side

Though I did not fully embody the theme of red and droopy jackets showcased in the Emporio Armani fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I did swipe some overall themes. I took cross-body bags and mixed it in with my own personal style.

In several of Armani’s looks he focused on loose fitting, baggy clothes. The pants, dresses and, as previously noted, jackets all fit the droopy characteristic. I particularly loved this. Who wants to wear super tight clothes anyways? Give your body some breathing room Fashionistos and Fashionistas! With that being said, for my look I wore a loose, shift dress. This dress is very simplistic and comfortable.

Loose clothing was not the only thing I found inspiration in. In Armani’s ready-to-wear collection the cross-body bags were a huge stand out. Oh, I cannot stress how convenient, trendy and practical these bags are! So, how are they convenient? Everything you need is right by your side. The bags hang low by your hand. If you need your credit card, lip gloss, or gum it’s right at your fingertips.

Because my dress was so plain, a cross-body bag was a perfect way to spruce things up a bit. To create some type of dimension, the light brown across my body was a cute and practical accessory. To finish my outfit off, I added a few pieces of jewelry such as a silver watch, studs and rings. I included strappy, black gladiators that came up onto my ankle. A semi-red lip was worn and oh look, red toes! I guess I subconsciously took a little bit of that Armani red and sprinkled it into my outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Any loose form of clothing. 2. A cross-body bag. 3. Gladiators.