When looking through the many runway collections on I became inspired by the fall 2016 ready-to-wear Saint Laurent collection. What drew my attention to this collection was the way so many classic looks were paired with something to give it a updated and fresh look, whether it was a skinny pant with a oversized blazer or an amazing neck piece. From the plunging necklines to the dramatic sleeves, I loved everything about this collection. It inspired me to put together an outfit that took the basics and add something just a tad bit different to make it special.

My outfit came together through trial and error. After getting this amazing crop top from a friend’s clothing line, I had to build around it and make sure that no matter what else I wore with it, that the top was still the centerpiece of the entire outfit. After going through all of my pieces I settled on my favorite pair of black riding pants and a navy blue blazer that played off of the navy in the shirt.

When putting this outfit together, I also thought about the importance of me not showing too much skin. By pairing the crop top with the riding pants (which are high-waisted), I was able to minimize the amount of skin I was showing. The addition of the blazer was not only important because of the fact that the crop top was a strapless, but also because D.C. weather changes at the drop of a dime, and I wanted to be prepared just in case the weather changed.

I had the moss trouble when it came to deciding what shoes to wear. I wanted to be like the models on the runway and pair the outfit with an amazing pair of heels. Since I knew that I had to do a little bit of walking that day, I went with practicality and wore my favorite pairs of TOMS which gave my outfit a casual vibe.

Now I felt like this outfit was almost complete, but who can forget accessories. I am not an accessories kind of girl. I almost always forget to put jewelry on. I usually just throw on a pair of earrings before running out the door. So when I was planning this outfit, I knew my jewelry had to be minimal. I added a pair of gold studs and a very delicate necklace so I wouldn’t draw attention away from my top.

Get My Look: 1. Riding Pants. 2. Navy Blazer. 3. Crop Top. 4. Shoes.