STYLE GURU STYLE: Crop It Like It’s Hot

Well my friends, sadly summer will be over shortly and it will be time to hit the books once again. Although the summer fun is ending, the good news is that fashion never ends. It will live on from now until the end of time. At least we can still have fun by keeping our style on fleek and flawless for the semester. Lately, I have been obsessed with black. I just love how black is so effortlessly classy and chic. No matter what you wear, as long as it is black, you will automatically look dressed up and edgy. You just can’t go wrong with this color. I know it may be a little rough to wear all-black in the summer heat, but if you wear it right, you will stay cool all summer long.

This week, I took inspiration from the Babyghost spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. What I loved most about this collection was the fact that this line was mostly featured in black. I followed Babyghost’s lead and I combined feminine and edgy pieces together in order to create the perfect look. I used black like Babyghost, but I also incorporated blush into my look. I took the most inspiration from look four of Babyghost’s collection. I just loved the black crop top that the model was wearing and I was dying to try it out myself. I also felt like the whole look was mesmerizing because of the combination of different textures. The suede skirt complemented her crop top quite nicely.

Even though I was in love with Babyghost’s collection, I just had to do something to spice things up. I executed my plan by wearing a blush colored skirt that was covered in sequins. The sequins were different and gave me the right amount of texture and shimmer that complemented my look. The pop of blush was also a great addition as well. The textures that were used in my look were rayon and a spandex/cotton blend and they successfully balanced out my look.

My outfit consisted of a black wrap crop top and a blush colored sequin skirt that is from American Eagle Outfitters. To finish off my look, I wore a pair of tribal print thong sandals. Altogether, the pieces came together to create a feminine and edgy look that stands out from the rest. I am in love with this outfit because it so simple, yet alluring at the same time.

Get My Look: 1. Any wrap crop top. 2. A sequin mini skirt. 3. Tribal printed thong sandals.