STYLE GURU STYLE: Cozy Up to Comfort

It’s that time of year again. The wind chills drop below zero and the frigid weather blisters your face as you walk to class. How did I take on this terrible weather? I found inspiration in Kenzo’s pre-fall 2015 Collection. I was immediately inspired by how comfortable and warm the styles looked. Pairing most of the looks with a fur hood seemed like a great idea to take on the cold. Additionally, I loved all of the dark colors that were incorporated into the looks. Today I was drawn to the contrast between my shadowy hues and the snow-lined ground.

To transition this runway look into an everyday outfit that suits me, I took inspiration from the dark tones. I wore all muted hues including black and grey. My next thought was about warmth. Drawing inspiration from the model’s cozy looks and the frigid Illinois temperatures, I modified this look by adding fleece-lined leggings and a knit scarf. I added combat boots and layered leg warmers on top (a new personal favorite of mine). To tie it all together, I snuggled into a long, puffy coat with a fur lined hood.

When going for a look like this, there are three main pieces that you should have. First, a long top to achieve the layered look. Secondly, add a cozy, knit scarf to warm yourself up on those windy days. Lastly, add a vest or a coat with a fur hood to complete the look.

Going for a runway inspired look? Be sure to make it your own. Choose a few things that stand out in the runway look, but make sure to add a few things that show your style. Keep in mind that you never want to be completely uncomfortable. Function and fashion can always complement each other. Rock your look with an extra flare that says “runway”.

Get My Look: 1. Long top. 2. Cozy scarf. 3. Leg warmers.