January 13th, 2015 at 2:05am

Tibi’s newest pre-fall 2015 fashion show has me craving more and more layers this winter. I, being simple and neutral obsessed, fell head-over-heels for this look in their collection. I love that the look is composed with such simple pieces, as is much of the collection. There is a distinct separation in the monochromatic tones with a variation of textures and materials. In this look, the oversized sweater juxtaposes the sleek line of the maxi skirt and elongates the body. Super simple pieces are utilized, but work well together, to form a cohesive look.

My version of this look involves some of my favorite winter pieces: an oversized knit sweater and anything black. Almost in the exact fashion of Tibi, I paired my sweater with a maxi skirt and created a long line with slight definition. There is a subtle separation where the sweater overlaps the skirt, but all-in-all the black-on-black facade is kept and maintained. The look is cozy and casual, yet at the same time exudes a type of femininity while having a relaxed appeal. This look is perfect for a night in with a good book or a coffee date with your best friends.

The look is one with great versatility and flexibility and can lend itself to many occasions this cold season. I can see myself honing the designer in my texture pairings and ensembles all winter long.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized knit sweater. 2. A solid maxi skirt. 3. A warm winter coat.