STYLE GURU STYLE: Cozy Campus Comfort

STYLE GURU STYLE: Cozy Campus Comfort

Going to school on a mountain means that when it’s cold, it’s windy. At the Mount, we feel winters a little bit harder than other places do and walking from the dorms to our academic buildings can be dreadful. With that being said, being cozy and comfortable is a must when going to class during the week. What better way than with the big three S’s; sweaters, scarves, and sneakers!

Here, you can see my go-to article of clothing is a long, thick wool sweater. This wool sweater from Brandy Melville is one of my favorites because of its warmth, fold over lapels, and huge pockets. It’s cute and super functional! Not to mention, nothing feels better than a sweater big and warm enough to make you feel like you’re wearing a blanket to class.

Scarves can add style to any outfit. I paired mine with a simpler, black and white circle scarf. Scarves add an extra dimension to more simple outfits, which is one of the many reasons I love them. They can be dressed up, or more casual, but no matter what, they will keep you super warm in the winter. For this reason alone, they are a staple for mountain living!

With a thick, chunky sweater, I like to keep things simple underneath. I opted to go all black underneath so I could bring attention to other parts of my outfit, like my shoes. I love sneakers! Sneakers are the best for walking around my campus because there are hills everywhere. These Adidas sneakers are pink suede and ready to own the sidewalks around campus! Since majority of my wardrobe is on the spectrum of white, black, or grey, I love that I can get a slight pop of color in my shoes.

Finally, I believe that a choker can do almost any outfit good. With this outfit, I opted for a thin black suede choker with a pink stone. A thin choker goes perfect with chunky sweaters and scarves, and I got lucky that the stone on mine matched my shoes almost perfectly.

It’s important to be cozy and comfortable when walking to and from buildings, and sitting in class all day so you can be the most productive you. Nothing makes me feel better than a warm sweater, a fluffy scarf, and some supportive sneakers, especially when going to school on a cold, windy, hilly mountain.