STYLE GURU STYLE: Covet Your Closet

STYLE GURU STYLE: Covet Your Closet

Hello fellow Fashionistas! I am so excited to talk about my personal style and the ever so important investment piece. This is the most important aspect of my personal style as it makes an appearance in every outfit I wear.

I would like to begin by saying “investment piece” means something different to everyone! This can be a $100 pair of shoes or a $5000 dollar bag! There is no right or wrong piece to covet. I refer to my closet as my collection, and I do not add or take away pieces without strong consideration—regardless of price.

I am such a purveyor of investment pieces because they will last a lifetime. Fast fashion certainly holds its place in retail, but I cannot bring myself to buy a jacket I will be throwing away in a month. For me, fast fashion is for trendy pieces that may not be sticking around  long and uber basic pieces like bodysuits and layering tanks. There are environmental and economic repercussions for brands that overproduce clothing and that make knockoffs of other brands using the practice of hefty markdowns and high turnover. I enjoy saving up for pieces whether it be weeks or months, relishing in my new purchase.

For this look, I chose to showcase three investment pieces. First off, my Gucci bomber jacket is one of my most coveted pieces, rarely seeing the light of day. I don’t wear it often because it is so special to me. This was a birthday gift for my 20th,I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I am not likely to purchase another bomber. I love a simple bomber jacket because they somehow always manage to be in style and can be worn in different climates. They’re such a chic way to dress up these Current/Elliott jeans!

The next piece I paired is my Louis Vuitton clutch. This is actually considered a makeup bag, but quickly after the purchase, I couldn’t bring myself to put messy eyeliner and lipsticks inside. The bag is so meticulously made it just too beautiful for loose powder! I reserve it for clutch purposes only. This is a great tip when luxury shopping: many high-end brands make cosmetic and travel bags that are half the price of clutches but are easily used both ways.

My last investment piece in this look are my Christian Louboutin flats. I bought these in San Francisco, and they were a treat for after an exceptional semester. I have bought a few pair of Louboutins following months of saving, but these are an absolute favorite. The spikes on the side make them the most edgy shoes I will likely ever own, but they somehow pair easily with so many outfits! They are comfortable despite the spikes and pointed toe shape, I can effortlessly walk the city in them any time. I suggest at least one pair of Louboutins to anyone interested. Flats are my go-to, as walking in heels unfortunately is not my forte!