STYLE GURU STYLE: Coolin' off with Culottes

Summer time on the East Coast means that Fashionistas need to dress for warmth and wind simultaneously.  Usually, staying away from wide leg trousers, I took the plunge and purchased my first pair of culottes.  Yes, it is a jumpsuit.  Yes, it is completely striped.

What I love about Max Mara’s resort 2017 line is the ambiguity of a lot of the looks.  You don’t know if they are meant for a ball or for every day.  I found my summer inspiration from a striped jumpsuit.  The whole look stood out, but I put my own spin on it, per usual.

Humidity is a wishful blessing during our frigid winter months here, but these summer months bring a wave of unwanted heat like never before.  That means no tight outfits and hair up…well almost always.  I am always looking for a perfect place to wear things that I am daring to bring out of my closet and a day around town in this jumpsuit allows me to take a risk while staying in the vicinity of my own home.  The stripes are very flattering and the culottes don’t drown me out because the waist area is quite fitted.

I’ve written many euphoric rants about bomber jackets and I have found one that works for almost any season.  This bomber is light, airy, and pairs well with mostly anything.  I feel like we’ve come to a time where we no longer match patterns and textures, but live to play around with different styles.  Pairing blue on blue was a bit shady at first however, I think it makes the look fun and laid back.

We all know my love for sneakers and these are my new babies.  I parted (reluctantly) with my superstars and sided with K-Swiss.  I used to wear their basic white tennis shoes on the courts when I played, but I think that the sneaker is back so let me bring it back with a bang.

Get My Look: 1. Denim Bomber Jacket. 2. Striped Jumpsuit. 3. K-Swiss Sneakers.