I am starting to make myself familiar with different clothing brands. There are so many clothing brands out there and when you aspire to be in the fashion industry, you realize brands might be a good thing to know for future references. I have never been brand conscious because I am not someone who strives to have the latest brand. However as  find myself looking more into it there are so many great designs out there in the fashion world.

When I saw the 2016 resort collection for Public School, I immediately fell in love. This collection is how I seek to dress every day. I loved the neutral monochromatic color scheme. Every look has a trendy cool kid vibe yet every look includes fabrics that are easy and comfortable to wear. I love that each piece and outfit can be taken right off the runway and into the real world without any alterations.

At a quick glance it may not seem like I took inspiration from this collection. Mostly I didn’t. I only took one inspiration their use of monochromatic colors. I made it my own by adding a few colors due to the fact that it is summer and I figured why not add some funky colors on a 90 degree day. I also took inspiration from their fashionable jogger trend. I love this trend to pieces and if I could own every pair of cute joggers I would definitely do so.

Get My Look: 1. Hat. 2. Printed pants. 3. Open toe flats.