STYLE GURU STYLE: Cool in Culottes

I discovered culottes for the first time earlier this summer. I was hesitant to try them at first, thinking the wide leg cut would engulf my short stature, but I was pleasantly surprised! These were the perfect pair of trousers to wear on a breezy summer day and extremely comfortable. The culottes shown here were high-waisted and cut above the ankle, so it did my figure wonders!

This outfit was inspired by Theory’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection where culottes and trousers were abundant. I especially drew inspiration from the oversized, but structured, look that encompassed this collection. In this outfit, I tucked in my denim off-the-shoulder top into my black high-waisted culottes, giving myself a cinched waistline for a structured silhouette. This is a great method I picked up over the years, especially since I’m not very tall, I have to work with creating the illusion that my hips start much higher than they really are; it really works! I paired this outfit with a pair of lace-up heels with a chunky heel, which also helped balance the combination between oversized and structured.

Theory’s collection translated very well into the trends we have seen everywhere this summer. I’m talking about culottes and off-the-shoulder tops in particular. While denim was no where to be seen in this collection, I decided to give my outfit a little twist in pairing it with a denim off-the-shoulder top to add texture and color, however still maintaining my personal aesthetic of a neutral minimalist. It is also not too hard to envision this top blending seamlessly into Theory’s collection!

Get My Look: 1. Any off-the-shoulder top. 2. A pair of high-waisted culottes or wide leg trousers. 3. A pair of ankle strap/lace-up heels