STYLE GURU STYLE: Complex Skirts Made Easy

Sophie Theallet is a timeless, honorable Fashionista and designer based out of The City That Never Sleeps: New York. Theallet is often known for her spectacular collaborations. She has designed a swimwear collection for Lane Bryant Cacique, a collection for The Limited, an “Americans In Paris” tote for CFDA/Tommy Hilfiger and many more. She has a powerful taste for designing for others, yet she does create her own collections to showcase to the world what her mind can creatively muster.

In Sophie Theallet’s resort 2016 collection, she utilizes many complex prints along with lots of bold colors/color-blocking. Many of her designs are skirts and dresses with a clever masculine flare. These bold colors are often eye-catching and valiant, making the wearer appear confident and audacious.

Here, I decided to recreate this runway fashion trend of complex patterns combined with bold colors for myself. I paired a complex skirt on the bottom half of my body that allows the eye to transition easily upwards towards my face. The bold color of the yellow raincoat stands out and is the attention piece on any rainy or even sunny day.

Bold prints paired with bold colors can sometimes be a gutsy move; however, combining these in my outfit oddly enough seems to balance each other out. The blue in the skirt and the yellow of the jacket are complementary colors and play off each other quite pleasantly. The coat has more of a masculine flare that gently flatters the femininity of the skirt.

Don’t let rainy days stop you from keeping up with your own personal style and flare! The classic yellow rain jacket can be made your own by adding a fun complex skirt, some simple Birkenstock sandals and a white T-shirt. Experiment with it!

Get My Look: 1. A white textured T-shirt. 2. A yellow raincoat. 3. A complex long skirt. 4.  Birkenstock sandals.