Life as a Fashionista can be complicated. Between the ridiculously fancy lattes, the countless electronic devices, the growing number of social media websites and the never ending supply of new trends, the everyday complications can often become too overwhelming. But while it can all seem like too much at times, I’ve found that the best solution is often the easiest: get back to the basics.

With the growing number of fashion seasons and the ubiquitousness of fast-fashion stores, ignoring new trends and all their hype can be nearly impossible. Thankfully, the No. 6 resort collection provides the perfect inspiration for all those whose lives need a little simplifying.

Made up of the most classic of pieces, the No. 6 collection was as basic as they come—in the best way possible. From culottes to crop tops to jumpers, every piece went perfectly with the next. With easy fabrics like linen and silk, the collection avoided being too fancy or over-the-top. And while there were a few stripes and florals scattered throughout, solid neutrals took over the rest of the collection in protest of anything too loud. Overall, the show was wonderfully simple and perfectly undone.

To recreate this look, I decided to go for the obvious. I chose a loose gray T-shirt, pairing it with a basic pair of black pants. I added a comfortable pair of sandals that matched my  utilitarian look, and finished with a fancy pair of sunglasses—even the most simple of outfits needs a little fun!

With its fast pace and overwhelming number of complications, life can start to feel a little ridiculous sometimes. But when that happens, the solution is simple. Instead of modeling your outfit after your chaotic life, let yourself come a little undone and get back to the basics. You’ll be glad you did.

Get My Look: 1. A basic top. 2. Perfect black pants. 3. Comfortable sandals. 4. Fabulous sunglasses.