STYLE GURU STYLE: Comfy In My Sneaks!

If you have not already noticed, my go-to pattern for many outfits is plaid. I love how it can be paired with just about anything and look well on all styles of clothing. The best thing about plaid is that it works with denim and you can never go wrong with incorporating a piece of denim in your outfit of the day.

The Julien David resort 2016 collection is what inspired me to do a simple black and denim look and using an offset pattern as my pop color. I chose this oversized red plaid shirt. I kept the look completely causal yet edgy, which gives off a fun, young vibe that is the overall theme in David’s collection.

My look for today is a fitted black crop top matched with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts that are cuffed at my mid-thigh. Choosing to wear black ankle socks with my high-top white Converse All-Stars completes the casual look and kept me feeling comfortable throughout the day. I finished the look off by tying my red plaid shirt around my waist and my trusty brown shoulder bag on my side. The plaid shirt can also be worn normally if you decide you want to go for a baggier look with the style. I wore my hair up in a large bun to finish everything off. I suggest wearing your hair up or pulled back for this look, being that the clothes already make enough of a statement.

Get My Look: 1. Any black crop top. 2. High-waisted denim shorts. 3. Converse All-Stars. 4. Any oversized plaid shirt.