If you had to choose a single trend that best embodies the summer spirit, what would it be? Floral? Flowy-ness? Bell sleeves? To sum it all up, nobody can escape the powerful grasp of the bohemian vibe. To be called a boho babe is THE ultimate compliment, and we all know it. The Rodebjer resort 2016 collection was, overall, a gigantic, painfully fabulous punch of bohemian in the face: the effortless drapiness, the sleek bell bottoms and the patterns, oh the patterns. The particular look I chose was definitely a favorite. The jumpsuit is pushed to the very end of the bohemian scale and fiercely screams, “I’m runway-ready even when I go grocery shopping and I’m proud of it.” The streamlined silhouette both distracts from the curves and highlights femininity at the same time. The fun patterns make the look down-to-earth and sweaty-summer-festival-appropriate while the heels pump the classiness up to an almost intimidating level. My verdict: it is all about counterbalancing.

As much as I admire the boldness of an outfit like this one and the flexibility it entails based on how one styles it, personally, I just don’t have the guts to wear something like this to the library. Even though a full-on bohemian dress with all the glorious boho elements is not quite an everyday item, who would pass up an opportunity to channel a touch of boho in an out-the-door-for-errands outfit? I’ve got another option for you: choose a bohemian piece and style against it. Not around, but against.

In my look, I decided to base my outfit around this amazing bohemian shirt. Its loose fitting sleeves, the wooden buttons and the loud patterns qualify it as a standard boho piece. I specifically chose it because it was cropped, thus leaving me with a fairly large portion of my outfit to work with. I amped up the bohemian vibe with a tattoo choker (a trend with which I have been absolutely obsessed, might I add). The boho half of the outfit is completed with a festival hairstyle staple: half bun and half down. Now, moving on to the counterbalancing, I chose a gray skort to add a bit of dressiness and classiness. The outfit is completed with some matching gray ankle socks and a pair of wedge sneakers (the sports deluxe trend has also been one of my favorites). I think this is a look that showcases the eclecticism of my style and still caters to most summer occasions.

Get My Look: 1. Bohemian shirt. 2. Skorts. 3. Wedged sneakers.