Every season, about halfway through the season, I find myself getting bored with seasonal pieces. What I mean is, I get sick and tired of wearing the combination of shorts and a tank top or a T-shirt and a skirt or a dress every day of summer just because it is so gosh darn hot and humid. The same idea goes for winter as I think back to only a few months ago when my parka was neatly packed away while my whole body was being exposed to the warm sun (with sunblock on of course). I am fortunate though, to have a retail job that lets me feed my fashion desires with the comfort of air conditioning. Every time I have a shift, I then try to mix up what types of pieces I’ve been wearing. Pro-tip for winter: pair some knee socks or thigh-high socks with a skirt or dress whenever you get bored of your pants.

After a night full of new inspiration from many of the resort 2016 collections, I came across a show that focused on wearable yet beautiful daywear by none other than Chloé. In the ’70s, the label featured bohemian, feminine details that made it a favorite of icons like Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jackie O. In this resort 2016 collection, I’m in love with the flowing pieces that bring movement while still paying attention to proportion. Lately, I have noticed many of us Fashionistas getting stuck on wearing only skin tight pieces. Forgetting that even pieces that don’t hug all our curves can be just as sexy and fashion-forward.

As I flipped through the collection, I came across a look that could could be worn for multiple occasions. I recreated my own version of this look as well as the rest of the collection by focusing on pieces that have movement. By pairing a piece with movement with an attenuated top, you give yourself a sexy yet sophisticated shape. The drapey pant is a favorite of mine, especially since it has been popping up everywhere in different colors, fabrics and patterns. It’s the “I want to look nice but feel comfy at the same time” pant.

Get My Look: 1. Any drapey pant. 2. A silk cami that can be tucked into your drapey pants to accentuate your waist. 3. A pair of comfy, wedged sandals for wherever your adventures take you.