STYLE GURU STYLE: Come Together Over Leather

Incorporating leather into one’s outfit is a really fun way to add some personality and style to their look. As we’ve seen on many runways from New York Fashion Week in fall 2015, styles from the ‘70s are making a big comeback. On Rodarte‘s runway there were ’70s elements such as fringe, prints and trailing scarves featured on the runway.

A stylish leather jacket can be used for its obvious purpose of staying warm, but it also brings some character to your outfit as well. Much like the return of ‘70s style today, the jacket I’m wearing was once in my mom’s closet!

It’s really cool to take a vintage item and style them with modern pieces to create a very unique look. I took my mom’s leather jacket and paired it with a romper. I really love how the top of this Free People romper is very loose and flowing, and how the bottom is more fitted. The romper still has some elements of bohemian on top with a little modern hint with the black shorts on bottom. My romper paired with the leather jacket brings back a touch of the ‘70s, while still being contemporary for today’s fashions.

Additionally, I’m obsessed with my knee-high leather boots these days. They allowed me stay warm and make my look come together. I wore some black opaque tights in order to create a longer black silhouette from the waist down.

I kept the colors in my outfit neutral, based off my personal taste, as well as the season. I like wearing neutral colors because of how classic and simple they feel. My tan leather jacket pops against the black and white. Overall, I think this look is perfect for the colder months when you’re trying to stay warm and be stylish.

Get My Look: 1. A romper. 2. A cool leather jacket. 3. Some boots.