STYLE GURU STYLE: Colors In The Cold

Chanel’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection presented the perfect balance of fun prints, patterns and sophistication. The first portion of the show featured tweed pant suits and skirts with colorful accents that made each piece unique and eye-catching. Each outfit was accompanied by floral watercolor over-the-knee boots or flats. My favorite pieces of the collection were the oversized coats and boxy silhouettes, which gave the outfits an androgynous and chic feel. The collection gave off a serendipitous vibe that could be carried from a daydream right to the office.

In my case, I was taking it to class. During the winter, I tend to drift toward darker colors. However, I channeled Chanel by adding a pastel statement coat to my look, bringing color to the colder days. Beneath the coat, I layered a cream cardigan and black button-up shirt. I also paired the simple pieces on the top with classic blue jeans. I wanted my bold pieces to speak for themselves without being upstaged by my layers underneath. To bring the look together, I wore a pair of Puma Disc sneakers with a colorful tropical print, as my interpretation of the colorful shoes shown by Chanel. By pairing casual sneakers with a more formal and long jacket, the look became feminine, yet still approachable and appropriate for class.

Chanel’s show inspired me to think outside of the box and incorporate color in multiple forms. Drawing attention to my outerwear and footwear allowed me to be bold, all while keeping warm. Mixing hues and patterns kept the outfit coordinated, rather than overwhelming. I no longer need to save floral prints and pastel colors for the spring, but can include these pieces all year long!

Get My Look: 1. A colorful oversized coat. 2. A button-up shirt. 3. Floral-printed sneakers.