STYLE GURU STYLE: Coloring The Catwalk

Summer is all about experimenting with different color palettes. Even though bright and vibrant colors are known to make their biggest appearance in summer, cool colors have been at the top of the fashion charts this summer. I was first drawn to cooler colors from alice + olivia’s resort 2016 collection. This collection features deeper reds, blues, greens and yellows. However these colors mix well when paired against other white or lighter pieces of clothing, and this also helps make these colors more apparent. What also attracted me to this collection was the flowing, loose and lightweight material of the clothing. Usually women are expected to wear tight, form fitting clothing. However, this collection shows how you can wear looser clothing and still look feminine and fashionable. It also shows how you can look smart and sophisticated while still incorporating bohemian style into your outfit. The clash between bohemian style, cool colors and lightweight clothing is what inspired my look.

I started this look with my cool colored but intricately patterned kimono. Even though the sheerness of the kimono is black, the bright and rich oranges, yellows, greens and blues maintain the summer vibes, and the brightness against the black kimono makes it more sophisticated and grungy. Due to the rich colors within the kimono I decided to wear a lighter top and shorts with it so the kimono would be the focus of my outfit. Also the kimono is made of a lightweight flowing fabric making this outfit look more elegant and bring an effortless movement to the look.

I had to be more careful when picking my accessories because I did not want to take away from the kimono’s intricate pattern. I kept my earrings as small studs in order to not be a distraction. I added the long chain emerald green necklace to bring out the rich green colors within my kimono, similar to how alice + olivia’s resort collection.

Since I was going for a more casual look than some of the outfits in the collection, I kept the shoes a neutral chestnut sandal with gold accents. I also paired the look with a small chestnut and beige satchel from kate spade. Since the kimono was the focal point of my outfit I kept the bag small because I wanted people to be able to see all the colors and the pattern from all angles. The color palette of an outfit is one of the most important aspects of creating an outfit, and I absolutely love the colors used within alice + olivia’s resort 2016 collection.

Get My Look: 1. A kimono with a bold pattern. 2. A long chain necklace that brings out one of the colors in your outfit. 3. A small satchel to carry all your summer essentials.